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Kawai ES100
Digital Pianos, Kawai Piano Reviews

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai ES100 digital piano is one of the best in the brand’s ES-series. It is the first digital piano in the series to have 88-keys and weighted hammer action. The keyboard action used in this piano is known as the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F. Additionally, to effectively mimic the […]

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The Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists

Are you looking for info about the best digital piano for classical pianists? You are in the right place. Digital pianos have become very popular due to their diverse features. They are versatile and can be used to create multiple genres of music while still giving rich and vibrant sounds. […]

Yamaha YDP-143R
Digital Pianos, Yamaha Piano Reviews

Yamaha YDP-143R Digital Piano Review

It goes without mentioning that Yamaha has, for a long time, been at the forefront of producing high-quality pianos. In the company’s Arius piano series, we have the Yamaha YDP-143R digital piano, which, without a doubt, has managed to stay relevant even after recent updates. The Yamaha YDP-143R is an […]


How to Read Piano Notes – Best Tips and Advice

Looking for tips on how to read piano notes? Reading music and learning how to play the piano go hand-in-hand. To be able to understand what you are playing faster makes it even easier for you to enhance your creativity. Therefore, beginners and any other musician ought to understand the […]

Digital Pianos, Kawai Piano Reviews

Kawai CE-220 Digital Piano Review

The renowned wooden key-action, Kawai CE-220 digital piano ranks high among pianos that offer the finest touch available in the market. The piano has an 88-key piano sampling keyboard that works to give you the feel of an acoustic piano. Just like most of Kawai’s pianos, the Kawai CE220 also […]