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Digital Pianos, Korg Piano Reviews

Korg LP-180 Digital Piano Review

The Korg LP-180 digital piano shines with its refinement elegant design, touch and perfect piano sounds. Korg has more than ever put innovation at the service of music and the pleasure of the eyes. And as you may know, the LP series combines elegance and modernity. Although it’s the first […]

Digital Pianos, Korg Piano Reviews

Korg SP-280 Digital Piano Review

When it comes to digital pianos, all pianists seek an instrument that delivers almost similar authenticity, like acoustic pianos, when playing. The Korg SP-280 digital piano is a unique musical instrument one such instrument that manages to tick most pianists’ checklist. The piano replaces its predecessor, the Korg SP-250, and […]

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10 Best Moog Synthesizers to Consider Buying

Synthesizers are efficient electronic musical instruments. They work along with the pianos, and the results are well-balanced and enhanced sounds whenever you play. The best Moog synthesizers can produce several sounds by generating and merging signals of different frequencies. As you may know, these electronic musical instruments gained profound popularity […]