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Roland DP603 Digital Piano Review

The Roland DP603 digital piano is a slim and stylish piano perfect for modern living spaces. If you have a stylish home and you don’t want to spoil the interior look with an old-fashioned piano, then this is the right option to consider. Its appealing look helps to complement your […]

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Yamaha EZ-220 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha EZ-220 digital piano is a 61-key touch-sensitive piano with lighted keys, built-in wireless connectivity, and has a user-friendly keyboard. Simply put, this digital piano can satisfy the needs of most pianists today. This is mainly due to the wide range of features that it offers, and its portability. The […]

Casio, Piano Reviews

Casio CDP-S150 Digital Piano Review

The Casio CDP-S150 digital piano is a realistic, portable, and comfortable musical instrument that has a lot of modern features to offer users. The Casio keyboard comes with 88 keys scaled hammer action and touch response with 3 sensitivity levels. This piano comes with an excellent design that offers portability, […]

Can kids learn piano on a digital piano

Can Kids Learn Piano on a Digital Piano?

Can kids learn piano on a digital piano? Most parents struggle with this question because they wonder whether digital pianos can offer an ideal learning experience. The answer is simply, yes! Digital pianos are some of the most convenient types of musical instruments that offer the best playing experience for […]

What is escapement on a digital piano

What Is Escapement on a Digital Piano?

Are you a beginner or an advanced acoustic piano player wondering what is escapement on a digital piano? You’re in the right place. Digital pianos come from different brands such as Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio, and Kawai. All these brands strive to manufacture excellent electronic keyboards that will offer the […]


Should I Buy a Keyboard or a Digital Piano?

Buying a keyboard or a digital piano can be a complex and daunting task. You should research to find out what your needs are and then purchase one that fits those requirements. For example, if you need to play piano music for weddings or other events, it would be best […]