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The Best Digital Piano Under $150

When searching for a digital piano, price always plays a significant factor in the choice you make. Luckily, this post will discuss the best digital piano under $150 to consider buying. If you are strapped on budget and looking for a budget-friendly digital piano to buy, this is the right […]


How to Play Scales on a Baritone Ukulele

Are you looking to learn how to play scales on a baritone ukulele? You’re in the right place! Baritone saxophone players love to play scales. Scales are an important part of practicing and learning how to be a better player. They are also fun! But, what are they? Scales are […]

how to play scales on a baritone ukulele
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How to Play Iris on Ukulele

Want to learn how to play iris on ukulele? You’re in the right place! Iris is a song by the band The Goo-Goo Dolls. If you are looking to play it on your ukulele, here’s how! 1) Play four open G chords in the pattern of “GG” (for example: G-G-D-D). […]


How to Play Electric Ukulele

In this post we will be discussing about how to play electric ukulele. Now, before we start, let’s go over a few things. First of all, why would someone want to learn how to play electric ukulele? Well, there are many reasons. But the main one is that it sounds […]