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Can You Learn Piano on a Digital Piano?

Can you learn piano on a digital piano? Definitely! Learning piano on a digital piano is easier than you think. Digital pianos are primarily designed to adequately replicate the authenticity and playability of an acoustic piano. Instead of hammers and strings, digital pianos feature strategically-positioned speakers that deliver high-quality natural […]

Can you paint a digital piano

Can You Paint a Digital Piano?

When creating a digital piano, manufacturers normally focus on the sound, keyboard action, and the overall performance of the instrument. As a result, they end up paying little to no attention to the piano’s color. Thus, you can easily find an instrument that matches your functionality needs but doesn’t compliment […]

Can I put a digital piano in front of a radiator

Can I Put a Digital Piano in Front of a Radiator?

Setting up a digital piano in your home is an easy and straightforward process. That’s because a digital piano requires less maintenance than a traditional acoustic piano. But one question that some people struggle with is whether they can put a digital piano in front of a radiator. Like the […]

can a digital piano go out of tune

Can a Digital Piano Go Out of Tune?

A digital piano doesn’t produce sound from hammers and strings. Instead, this modern instrument utilizes sampled sounds, speakers, and amplifiers to deliver an exclusive sound experience. As a result, a digital piano doesn’t require much tuning because its sounds are digitally recorded and stored within the piano’s hardware. Can You […]


Can I Store a Digital Piano Vertically?

When you store a digital piano vertically, it may develop problems – although this highly depends on the model. One such problem includes messing up the keyboard’s mechanism, which is a nightmare for any pianist. As a result, most manufacturers advise against storing or transporting a digital piano vertically. Instead, […]

best Kawai digital pianos
Best, Digital Pianos

Top 5 Best Kawai Digital Pianos

Kawai is a well-known brand that produces top-quality digital pianos, and this top 5 best Kawai digital pianos review shows the brand’s top productions. Obviously, the brand has more to offer than just 5 keyboards. However, this review focuses more on specific essential features and also the best value for […]