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Piano Reviews, Williams

Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano Review

Known for producing pianos that mostly suit beginners and intermediate pianists, we have the Williams Legato Plus digital piano. The piano sticks to the brand’s traditions and manages to offer impressive features at an affordable price. Williams is a company that offers affordable instruments with adequate features to facilitate both […]

Korg, Piano Reviews

Korg SV-1 73BK Digital Piano Review

The Korg SV-1 73BK digital piano is an instrument of stature, housed in a sleek and curvy body. It’s an elegant stage vintage piano with a design to captivate the user and the audience. As a stage piano, the SV-1 comes with retro-style controls packed in a matte black finish. […]

Korg, Piano Reviews

Korg SP-280 Digital Piano Review

When it comes to digital pianos, all pianists seek an instrument that delivers almost similar authenticity, like acoustic pianos, when playing. The Korg SP-280 digital piano is a unique musical instrument one such instrument that manages to tick most pianists’ checklist. The piano replaces its predecessor, the Korg SP-250, and […]

best Moog Synthesizer

10 Best Moog Synthesizers to Consider Buying

Synthesizers are efficient electronic musical instruments. They work along with pianos, and the result is a well-balanced and enhanced sound when playing. The best Moog synthesizers can produce several sounds by generating and merging signals of different frequencies. As you may know, these electronic musical instruments gained profound popularity in […]

Roland RP-102 digital piano
Piano Reviews, Roland

Roland RP-102 Digital Piano Review

There are three essential factors to consider when choosing a digital piano, whether it’s the Roland RP-102 digital piano or any other piano. These factors include your budget, space, and preferences. Such factors vary between every piano enthusiast, and sometimes it might be hard and time-consuming to find an instrument […]

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10 Best Digital Pianos for Kids

As a parent, choosing the right digital piano for kids is a crucial decision. It’s a journey that requires ample knowledge and can either shape or break your child’s piano playing experience. However, this decision becomes difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with digital pianos. Getting overwhelmed might consume you […]