Can I put a digital piano in front of a radiator

Can I Put a Digital Piano in Front of a Radiator?

Setting up a digital piano in your home is an easy and straightforward process. That’s because a digital piano requires less maintenance than a traditional acoustic piano. But one question that some people struggle with is whether they can put a digital piano in front of a radiator. Like the […]

can a digital piano go out of tune

Can a Digital Piano Go Out of Tune?

A digital piano doesn’t produce sound from hammers and strings. Instead, this modern instrument utilizes sampled sounds, speakers, and amplifiers to deliver an exclusive sound experience. As a result, a digital piano doesn’t require much tuning because its sounds are digitally recorded and stored within the piano’s hardware. Can You […]

Can I Store a Digital Piano Vertically?

When you store a digital piano vertically, it may develop problems – although this highly depends on the model. One such problem includes messing up the keyboard’s mechanism, which is a nightmare for any pianist. As a result, most manufacturers advise against storing or transporting a digital piano vertically. Instead, […]

How Much Is an Ideal Digital Piano Cost?

Are you wondering how much would be an ideal digital piano cost? Well, you’re not alone. The cost of a digital piano varies from one brand to another – and although one brand may sell low-priced pianos from $100, while another brand’s lowest price may be from $200 and above, […]

How to Read Piano Notes – Best Tips and Advice

Looking for tips on how to read piano notes? Reading music and learning how to play the piano go hand-in-hand. To be able to understand what you are playing faster makes it even easier for you to enhance your creativity. Therefore, beginners and any other musician ought to understand the […]

7 Best Blind Piano Players of All Time

Playing the piano is an amazing experience. But, learning how to play requires dedication, lots of practice, and patience. However, once you become a good player, you are bound to enjoy every moment of it. Playing the piano when you’re visually-impaired seems even impossible. Well, it’s not. You’ve probably heard […]