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How to Clean a Digital Piano

Here comes another duty – knowing how to clean a digital piano. Essential elements in a digital piano are its keys. Both the black and white piano keys bring forth the charm of this musical instrument. Cleaning it, however, depends on its frequency of use. Therefore, it is highly expected […]

The Best Digital Piano Recording Tips

Since invention and development, the modern digital piano has always provided useful features to facilitate easier learning and playability for the users. Among the many functions are the piano recording abilities. It has diverse recording options which when properly tapped by musicians lead to amazing recording benefits. Digital pianos are […]

7 Best Ways to Maintain Your Digital Piano

So, you just bought your first digital piano, and you want to know about the best digital piano maintenance tips? Worry no more because we’ve got you covered. Buying your first piano is an exciting moment, and you would do everything to make sure the piano is in good condition. […]