Product Reviews

Yamaha P45 Review – Features, Pros & Cons

The Yamaha P45 digital piano belongs to the Yamaha ‘P’ series and is the successor of the Yamaha P35 digital piano. It comes with all of its predecessor’s capabilities and some extra quality features. The P45 keyboard was designed to keep up with the high demands of both beginner and […]

Yamaha NP 11 Review – Benefits, Features, Pros & Cons

Portable, easy to use, affordable, compact design – all these are some of the terms which you can use to describe the Yamaha NP 11. The NP 11 is closely related to the Yamaha NP 31 model. They only differ in size and price. Yamaha NP 11 is an affordable, […]


Roland RD 800 Review – Specs & Benefits

If you’re looking for an electric piano designed to go live and deliver the best performance, then the Roland RD-800 is the right option to consider. The RD series highly competes with other brands in the market. The series includes tons of features and offers outstanding stage experience. This Roland […]

Kawai MP7 Review – Exceptional Digital Piano

The Kawai company has recently captured the attention of many musicians – from beginner performers to the most experienced ones. Slowly and steadily, the Japan-based company has structured its reputation appealingly and pleasingly to its customers. Kawai MP7 is one of the things that has contributed to this. Kawai has […]

Yamaha NP-31 Exclusive Review

Since 1887, The Yamaha Company has established itself as one of the most trustworthy piano manufacturers in the industry. The brand produces pianos with highly advanced features, such as the Yamaha NP-31, which help to deliver an excellent experience to their clients. In this day and age, the purchase of […]

Yamaha DGX 650 Review – Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Yamaha, whenever that brand is mentioned, there are a lot of expectations in our minds. The company is quite popular and is known to produce great products. Yamaha not long ago entered into the market a digital piano line known as the DGX line. The DGX line i supposed to […]