Piano Reviews

Roland RD-88 Digital Piano – How Good Is It?

The Roland RD-88 digital piano belongs to the company’s RD series of pianos. These pianos have been the most preferred by professional pianists for over 30 years. The RD series pianos have appeared on stages around the world because they offer more functionality and flexibility. When it comes to design, […]

Yamaha PSR-EW410 Digital Piano Review

If you’re looking for a logical and affordable instrument for your next level as a pianist, then the Yamaha PSR-EW410 digital piano is for you. This modern keyboard belongs to Yamaha’s PSR-EW series of portable keyboards. As such, it’s easy to use because of its lightweight nature, and also packs […]

Korg D1 Digital Piano Review

The Korg D1 digital piano is a super-slim, great-sounding stage piano, available in both black and a new white color variation. This modern digital piano packs 30 sounds, a pedal, and music rest. The good thing about the D1 is that it’s well streamlined and combines a great feel, quality […]

Yamaha PSR-EW310 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha PSR-EW310 digital piano is a great instrument for musicians of all levels. It has 76 keys, with three different touch settings to suit your playing style. The PSR-EW310 also comes equipped with Yamaha’s EZ Touch feature and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to play difficult pieces. […]