Kawai MP6 Digital Piano Review – Professional Stage Piano

When it came out, the Kawai MP6 digital piano was all about bringing evolution into how pianists play the piano. And since then, this digital piano continues to prove itself as one of Kawai’s best digital pianos. This piano features a great interface, compact body design, and a keyboard action […]

Kawai KDP110 digital piano

Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano Review

This is another exceptional addition to the Kawai digital piano quality. The Kawai KDP110 digital piano features a responsive keyboard action, beautiful design, high-quality sounds, and ample connectivity features. It’s a noteworthy instrument that amazes in almost every end. The device has received a significant amount of praise from Amazon […]

Kawai ES8

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai ES8 digital piano is one of the best portable keyboards for any musical occasion. It is both a lightweight and compact instrument. So, whether you have limited space or plan to move around with it, the ES8 offers a hassle-free experience. The piano also comes packed with some […]

Kawai ES100

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai ES100 digital piano is one of the best in the brand’s ES-series. It is the first digital piano in the series to have 88-keys and weighted hammer action. The keyboard action used in this piano is known as the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F. Additionally, to effectively mimic the […]

Kawai CE-220 Digital Piano Review

The renowned wooden key-action, Kawai CE-220 digital piano ranks high among pianos that offer the finest touch available in the market. The piano has an 88-key piano sampling keyboard that works to give you the feel of an acoustic piano. Just like most of Kawai’s pianos, the Kawai CE220 also […]

Kawai MP7 Digital Piano Review – Exceptional Piano

The Kawai company has recently captured the attention of many musicians – from beginner performers to the most experienced ones. Slowly and steadily, the Japan-based company has structured its reputation appealingly and pleasingly to its customers. Kawai MP7 digital piano is one of the pianos that have contributed to this. […]