Kawai ES110 Review – Features, Specs, Pros & Cons

In our Kawai ES110 review, we’ll go over why this digital piano still stands out and has a lot to offer the modern pianist. Kawai is a notable brand known for manufacturing top-notch, reliable, and durable digital pianos in the industry. Luckily, the Kawai ES110 digital piano ranks among the […]

Kawai VPC1 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai VPC1 digital piano is an answered prayer for virtual piano musicians globally. This modern digital piano is not only unique but also packages an outstanding RM3 Grand II wooden-key action into an advanced MIDI controller. It is a one-of-a-kind digital piano that’s worth looking into. In our review, […]

Kawai CA58 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai CA58 digital piano is an addition to the award-winning family of Kawai’s digital pianos. Kawai is a company known for producing some of the best digital pianos in the industry, and this CA58 doesn’t fall short of that. In terms of quality, the piano is top-notch and delivers […]

Kawai CA49 Digital Piano – Should You Buy It?

In the world of digital pianos, Kawai is a brand that has been trusted for many years. This is because they are committed to making instruments that offer high quality and excellent value. The Kawai CA49 digital piano is no exception to this rule. Boasting an impressive soundboard made from […]

Kawai CA48 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai CA48 digital piano is designed for beginners and professionals alike. Kawai has been producing quality pianos since 1929, so you know they are going to make the best instrument possible. The Kawai CA48 offers an authentic grand piano sound with 88 keys, as well as many other features […]

Kawai MP11 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai MP11 digital piano delivers one of the most authentic playability experiences you can find in a stage piano. This is all thanks to both the piano’s Grand Feel keyboard and its impressive sound technology. The piano offers super sound capabilities with a handpicked selection of premium voices to […]