Can I Store a Digital Piano Vertically?

When you store a digital piano vertically, it may develop problems – although this highly depends on the model. One such problem includes messing up the keyboard’s mechanism, which is a nightmare for any pianist.

As a result, most manufacturers advise against storing or transporting a digital piano vertically. Instead, you should store and transport your digital piano horizontally. It might not be that convenient, but you’ll get the best results and prevent your instrument from sustaining unnecessary damage.

How to Properly Store a Digital Piano

Now that you know it isn’t ideal to store a digital piano vertically, let’s look at other helpful tips to ensure that you properly store your piano.

Humidity Consideration

store a digital piano
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You need to keep your digital piano in a space with the right temperature . Although you can easily place a digital piano in front of a radiator, the ideal humidity level around your instrument shouldn’t exceed 42%. This is to ensure that you maintain the piano’s value and condition for increased durability.

It’s also not advisable to store a digital piano near fireplaces or in direct sunlight. Even though digital pianos don’t feature wooden bodies, high humidity levels may still wreak havoc on this modern electrical instrument.

Therefore, ensure that you choose a cool over a warm storage facility for storing your instrument. Additionally, ensure that you don’t promptly move your keyboard from a damp environment and directly into a humid and dry area. That’s because the instrument might easily and quickly deteriorate.

The Storage Flooring

Another thing that you should also pay attention to is the flooring of the storage facility. Ensure that the floor on which you store your digital piano doesn’t have leakage and should also be a level surface.


Because you’re storing a digital piano, you have a less intensive preparation process. Humidity might not be a high risk to a modern keyboard, but you still need to protect your digital piano from dust by covering it up.

As you may know, digital pianos are really dust-sensitive. That means you need to prevent dust percolation on your instrument because it might easily affect the normal functionality of the piano.

And even before you store a digital piano, make sure that it’s properly cleaned and covered. This ensures that you don’t leave it exposed with dust that might easily percolate and affect essential parts of the keyboard.

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Moving a Digital Piano

store a digital piano
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After you securely and safely store a digital piano, the time for moving it becomes another worthwhile considerable moment. But again, it’s a less care intensive process compared to moving an acoustic piano after storage.

If you own a light and portable instrument, moving it by yourself shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. You can even ask help from your friend (s), and employ optimal safety during the moving process.

But if you own a heavier and cabinet build digital piano, it would be best to hire professionals to assist you in moving the instrument. This minimizes the risks of damage and places your instrument in safer hands.