Can I put a digital piano in front of a radiator

Can I Put a Digital Piano in Front of a Radiator?

Setting up a digital piano in your home is an easy and straightforward process. That’s because a digital piano requires less maintenance than a traditional acoustic piano.

But one question that some people struggle with is whether they can put a digital piano in front of a radiator. Like the setting up process, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward as well.

Because most digital pianos aren’t affected by temperature change, placing your keyboard next to a radiator will do it no harm. However, you still need to be mindful of the setting up process and how long you intend on keeping the instrument next to the radiator.

Placing a digital piano appropriately in your home doesn’t only add to the décor, but it can also affect its overall voicing, among other aspects. Here, we’ll look at the essential aspects that you need to consider when setting up a digital piano in your home.

Things to Consider When Setting Up a Digital Piano

1. Position

As explained earlier, digital pianos don’t suffer from changes in temperature or humidity. For that reason, you can place this modern keyboard in almost every suitable space you can find. Therefore, you can easily keep your digital piano next to a window or even a radiator – to answer your question.

However, there are some brands like Kawai that advice against installing a digital piano near heat sources such as the radiator, stoves, and heat registers, among other apparatus. If that’s the case, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s advice to the point.

Also, ensure that the instrument sits nowhere near direct sunlight. That’s because the direct heat from the sun’s rays may easily cause your piano’s cabinet or body to fade. You should also ensure that the keyboard doesn’t share a socket with any other electrical instrument, because it might easily cause interference.

2. Sound

Can I put a digital piano in front of a radiator
Image Credit: Mystery of Ascension

Evidently, a room’s furnishings and design will end up affecting how a digital piano sounds. Even the flooring of the room will determine how a piano gets to sound. For instance, thick carpeted rooms end up deadening the piano’s sound. On the other hand, a wooden floor enhances a digital piano’s reverberation effect.

To help you overcome this, most digital pianos come with features such as Brilliance and Reverb effects to keep your piano’s sound optimally natural.

3. Assembling

When you purchase a digital piano online, it will come in a box and not assembled. Therefore, you’ll be required put it together before you can start playing.

This isn’t a big deal because the assembling process is an easy and straightforward activity that only requires minimal efforts.

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4. Seating Posture

Image Credit: Roland

Playing a digital piano for hours long requires you to have a comfortable seating posture. That’s because you get to experience convenience while striking your favorite notes. Two things highly affect a comfortable seating posture, and they include the distance from the piano and the stool’s height.


Now that you know you can place a digital piano in front of a radiator, we hope to have adequately answered your question. Also, the additional information on this guide is meant to help you achieve better results and experiences when setting up a digital piano.