7 Best Ways to Maintain Your Digital Piano

So, you just bought your first digital piano, and you want to learn about the best ways to maintain your digital piano? You’ve come to the right place!

Buying your first piano is an exciting moment, and you would do everything to make sure the piano is in good condition.

Although a digital piano is known to require less maintenance compared to an acoustic piano, you still have to keep your equipment in the best condition possible for it to perform well.

The good thing about a digital piano is that it’s a “plug and play” kind of equipment. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any servicing or maintenance.

Here’s a good digital piano maintenance guide to help you out.

1. Safe Storage

One of the best ways to maintain your digital piano quickly is to consider safe storage. You need to consider always keeping your piano in a safe place. If you want your piano to serve you for long, you need to learn how to keep it in the right place.

Avoid places that put the piano at a high risk of being damaged. Storing the piano near doors or windows is a risky move because those are highly vulnerable areas.

Objects can strike through the window or door and damage the piano. Someone might open the door and knock the piano, causing damage.

Other best ways to maintain your digital piano better is to avoid exposing the piano to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and even dust. Dusty areas are the worst places to store a digital piano because dust damages the piano keys.

The exterior surface of the piano is also prone to damage by humidity and moisture. Therefore, avoid keeping the piano in humid areas.

Electrical components are highly sensitive, and that’s why keeping such devices in a cool, dry place with minimal sunshine is essential to helping them stay in good form.

A piano also requires adequate storage space. Although most digital pianos have a compact design, you are required to have enough space to provide comfort for the player during playing or practice sessions. Don’t squeeze the piano in a small room because that also puts the instrument at risk.

2. Consider a Piano Cover

best ways to maintain your digital piano
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Digital piano maintenance costs may be high if you don’t take good care of your instrument. One of the best ways to take care of your digital piano is by using a dust cover. Dust is highly risky to the piano keys, and that’s why it’s highly recommended to prevent it from contacting the instrument.

Piano dust covers are quite convenient and provide a sure guarantee that your device is safe. One thing to keep in mind is that avoiding dust is inevitable.

Reason being, dust accumulates on an object over time, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that. The best solution is to use a cover which offers protection to the piano.

You see, when you use a cover, it drastically helps the piano because when dust accumulates, it settles on top of it, instead of the piano.

Without a cover, dirt will accumulate and settle on the entire piano, eventually causing damage to it. This results in repair costs, which are not that pleasant to bear. The best ways to maintain your digital piano cover is making sure it’s always washed, properly dried and covers the piano when completely clean and dry.

3. Plug the Piano Properly

Faulty electric outlets cause plenty of accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to consider proper plugging for your digital piano.

When you buy your first digital piano, it is highly unlikely that you know the appropriate ways to plug and unplug.

That’s what messes most people – and this leads to massive disasters that cost them their pianos or high repair costs. The last thing you want is any of the two to happen to you.

Here are essential tips to consider when it comes to proper plugging;

  • Refrain from overloading the outlet – The outlet is highly critical and overloading it may cause severe damage to your piano. Avoid plugging in things such as microwaves, computers, or any other appliances while using the piano. You can unplug them first before using the piano, then plug them back in once you’re done.
  • Properly keep the cords and cables – It is effortless to let the wires and cords lying around. However, that’s a considerable risk that you’re putting on yourself. When cables and cords are lying haphazardly, you or someone else might accidentally trip over them and cause an electric shock which might damage the piano. Therefore, strive to keep them in a proper manner.
  • Check the outlet before using it – Whenever you want to plug in the piano, we highly recommend that you check the condition of the outlet first before anything else. Consider checking the outlet strip or the surge suppressor and see if there are any problems. If you find issues, you should replace them first. Make sure everything is in good condition before plugging the piano to play.
  • Unplug the piano when not using it – Consider unplugging the piano when you’re not using it. There’s no need for you to keep the piano plugged into the power outlet if you have completed using it. Therefore, when you’re done playing, turn off your digital piano and then unplug it from the power outlet.

4. Clean the Piano Properly

One of the best ways to maintain your digital piano free is by observing proper hygiene and ensuring the instrument is in good form. The best way to help your piano have an eye-catching appearance is by cleaning it regularly.

Everything needs cleaning, your house, car, carpet, dishes, etc. You need to clean stuff because it is one way of maintaining them properly.

Below are the essentials you need to clean a piano;

  • Two soft dry cloths
  • Warm water
  • Liquid soap
  • Dish

The two dry, soft cloths are required to clean the piano keys. Using rough fabrics may damage the keys because they are quite fragile.

One fabric is for cleaning, and the other one should be used to dry the keys after you’re done wiping the piano.

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5. Keep Foods and Drinks Away from the Piano

One thing you need to keep in mind is that your piano should be well respected. You should not use it as a piece of furniture or a place where you can hang out with your friends and family.

Use the piano when necessary and not just for any occasion. Foods and drinks should be kept away from the keyboard. Remember, a digital piano is an electronic device.

What’s more, the keys can get damaged very easily. Foods and drinks can also damage the outer part of the piano. When you place hot stuff on top of the piano, it might damage the beautiful finish. Don’t use the piano as a table for food and drinks.

When you use the piano in the wrong way, it may incur high repair costs for you. Therefore, it is best to use the piano for its only purpose, and that is playing and nothing else.

6. Clean Your Hands Before Using the Piano

Also, one of the most crucial and best ways to maintain your digital piano is to observe personal hygiene, by ensuring your hands are clean before using the piano. Strive to preserve your piano well. Since piano keys are inherently sensitive and quite fragile, one thing you always have to do is cleaning your hands before proceeding to play.

You might be asking, what’s the worst that could happen if you don’t. Dirty hands might cause more damage than you might think.

Smeared substances or small pieces of debris coming from your hands can severely damage the keys which eventually disrupts the playing of your piano.

7. Check the Warranty of the Piano

best ways to maintain your digital piano
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Before buying any digital piano, we highly recommend that you check the warranty information. Purchasing a piano that doesn’t have any warranty is a terrible choice to make.

The reason why you need to check on the warranty of a digital piano before buying it is because some warranties help to cover certain defects or malfunctions. There are also warranties that include other things such as repair and maintenance for a specific period.

Some warranties may be hard to read, and if this happens to be the case with the piano you are buying, ensure that you contact the dealer or manufacturer to get detailed information.

Also, make sure that you keep the proof of purchase in a safe place and register the piano for the warranty, in case one is required to do that manually. You also have to keep in mind that there are many options available in the market.

You have to look for the opportunity that favors you most as the consumer. Look for dealers that offer affordable prices on their products, as well as reasonable warranty periods.

The Bottom Line

It is also imperative for you to find the best ways to maintain your digital piano headphones or other accessories effectively. The above digital piano maintenance tips are crucial to help you do your best to keep the instrument in good shape.

Whether it’s Roland digital piano maintenance, Yamaha digital piano maintenance or whatever brand out there, you have to make sure you preserve your musical instrument to have a good return on the investment.

Clean the keyboard thoroughly, call for professional help when the piano needs repairing as experts have the right digital piano maintenance tools. Those are the most critical factors you need to consider to help keep your piano in good condition.