10 Best Lightweight Digital Pianos

Portability is an essential part of owning a digital piano, especially if you are on the road a lot. Therefore, this review looks at 10 best lightweight digital pianos on the market to consider buying.

In most cases, portable keyboard pianos end up sacrificing important features for their portability. But here, we look at the ten best options that sacrifice very minimal to no features at all, for their portability.

But before looking at them, below are some useful tips to consider when on the market for a portable digital piano.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Portable Keyboard

1. The Key Count

The number of keys on any digital piano ends up affecting the overall playability in one way or another. Besides that, the key count on any keyboard also adds or subtracts to its overall weight.

As a result digital pianos with a lesser key-count, such as 61 keys, mostly weigh between 7-12 lbs. That range is quite portable and would offer you convenience when you choose to travel. However, such keyboards will limit you if you play more complex pieces compared to the average modern songs.

2. Weighted Action

Again, this factor also affects both the playability and portability of any digital piano. As you may know, weighted action comes in two divisions, which include the semi-weighted and the fully weighted keyboard action.

Although both improve playability in different ways, they can also contribute to a piano’s weight capacity.

3. Integration

Connectivity is an essential practice nowadays with digital pianos. This capability lets you integrate your instrument with different musical interfaces and enhance the playing experience.

So, ensure that the portable instrument of choice features optimal connectivity features that can help improve your playability.

That said, let’s now dive into our review of the 10 best lightweight digital pianos on the market.

10 Best Lightweight Digital Pianos Review

1. Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

Roland FP-30 88-Key Digital Piano

The Roland FP-30 digital piano was primarily designed for musicians on the road. It’s a stage digital piano that features some of the best performance capabilities in a compact and stylish design.

The good news is that this model doesn’t sacrifice on any worthwhile features that enhance playability. Such attributes make the Roland FP-30 one of the best lightweight digital pianos to consider buying.


best lightweight digital pianos
Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

With 88-keys that feature Roland’s PHA-4 Standard action keyboard, the FP-30 delivers the best in authentic touch. Any level of pianist would certainly like and benefit from this piano’s keyboard capabilities. The 88 keys are fully-weighted but this piano features a compact design, which contributes to its portability.

It only weighs 14.1kgs/31lbs, which isn’t far from the standard 88-key weight capacity. Because of its compact build, the FP-30 can seamlessly fit in small cars and won’t offer any notable inconveniences. Therefore, you can transport or travel with this model without necessarily having to break your back.

When it comes to sound capabilities, the Roland FP-30 features the brand’s flagship SuperNatural Sound engine that delivers top-quality sounds. In total, this instrument comes with 35 built-in high-quality tones. The tones available here range from the electric pianos, organ sounds, and piano sounds.

For connectivity, the FP-30 comes with an in-built Bluetooth wireless connectivity, among other common integrations as well. In general, this is an instrument worth every penny if you are looking for the best lightweight digital piano on the market.

The Roland FP-30 is compact and lightweight but manages to retain the necessary features needed for better playability. For those reasons, it’s our top-pick on our list of the 10 best lightweight digital pianos to consider buying.

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2. Yamaha P45 88-Key Digital Piano

best lightweight digital pianos
Yamaha P-45 88-Key Digital Piano

This is one of Yamaha’s most popular digital pianos on the market, but it’s also a very portable instrument. Coming from their Piaggero line, the Yamaha P45 digital piano is an accurate definition of portability.

Most performing professionals and even novice players certainly love this keyboard’s capabilities. Better yet, it features one of the brand’s most authentic keyboard actions, the GHS action.


Right off the box, the Yamaha P45 is a slim and compact instrument. It can fit in the tightest of spaces, thanks to its well-designed dimensions. On our full review of the piano, the P45 stacked up nicely not only in portability but playability as well.

It comes with fully-weighted 88-notes that feature Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard action keyboard. The GHS action utilizes the same mechanism present in a real piano to give the P45 an authentic feel and touch when playing. So, you’ll feel keys on the lower register are heavier than the ones on the upper register of the P45’s keyboard.

Although you don’t get a wide selection of voices with this instrument, the ones available are of high-quality. That’s because the Yamaha P45 digital piano features the brand’s Advanced Wave Memory tone generator. The AWM sound source features samples from Yamaha’s renowned grand concert pianos to deliver high-quality sounds on the P45.

And even with a fully-weighted keyboard featuring 88-keys, the P45 only weighs 11.4kg/24lbs. It’s a lightweight digital piano with a responsive keyboard action, a high-quality sound engine, and comprehensive connectivity features.

3. Alesis Recital Digital Piano

best lightweight digital pianos
Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano

Featuring 88 semi-weighted keys, the Alesis Recital is a portable and budget-friendly digital piano. It’s most preferable for beginners, but this instrument can also deliver decent services to professional pianists as well.

The Alesis Recital only weighs 15lbs, which is the least amount of weight you will find on any 88-note digital piano.


Although semi-weighted, the 88 keys available on this instrument can still facilitate you in playing more complex pieces. That’s because the Alesis Recital comes with 128 polyphony notes that help improve its keyboard’s functionality.

The only thing that failed to impress us was this piano’s sound quality, which we assume paid the price for portability. However, it still delivers decent natural sounds but nothing too fancy. This piano comes with a total of 5 sounds, which were clear and clean to say the least. And when compared with similar but heavier models, it falls quite shy of the competition.

But considering that this piano is mostly meant for beginners, it isn’t a bad bargain for the money. For connectivity, you get the Sustain Pedal jack, Stereo Outputs, USB to Host, and a TRS Headphone output.

The Alesis Recital 88-key digital piano might not be the best in terms of sound capabilities. However, it’s a decent option in our list of 10 best lightweight digital pianos to consider buying.

4. Casio Privia PX-160

best lightweight digital pianos
Casio PX-160 Digital Piano

As pointed out earlier, it’s always good to have an instrument that comes with a fully-weighted keyboard. That’s because a fully-weighted keyboard takes you closest to playing the real thing, regardless of the level of pianist that you are.

Fortunately, the Casio Privia PX-160 digital piano manages to incorporate that and more for better performance.


Not only does the PX-160 come with 88 keys, but it also features Ebony and Ivory simulation on the key surfaces. Therefore, you always get a sensation of an acoustic piano when playing on the PX-160. The fully weighted feature makes the lower register keys feel heavier compared to the upper register ones.

That’s the best action to work with whether you are a pro pianist or a novice player working your way up to the top. It features Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Keyboard Action II, which is the brand’s most authentic simulation of the acoustic piano’s keyboard mechanism.

The piano further features Casio’s impressive Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source alongside 18 instrument sounds, and 60 built-in songs. It also features 128 polyphony notes to assist the profound keyboard action in playing any complex piece that you might throw its way.

And with a USB to Host, sustain jack, 2 headphone jacks, and line out jacks, you can connect the Casio PX-160 digital piano with several musical interfaces and enhance its playability. Such capabilities make the Casio PX-160BK digital piano best for home, studio, and stage performance.

Better yet, the piano only weighs about 25lbs and its dimensions form a compact enough design for the PX-160 to fit in small places. Overall, this is a top-quality lightweight and portable digital piano. Frankly, there was no way were going to exclude the Casio PX-160 in our 10 best lightweight digital pianos list.

5. Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Digital Piano

Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Digital Piano

The Casio CTK-3500 features only 61 keys, which highly contribute to its lightweight nature. But as explained earlier, keyboards with a lesser key count end up sacrificing several essential features that contribute to playability.

Hence, don’t expect much from the CTK-3500 as it was primarily designed to be a lightweight and portable digital piano.


The 61 keys available on this instrument are touch sensitive and feature 3 touch-sensitivity levels. This means that the CTK-3500’s keyboard isn’t volume controlled, but rather it responds depending on how hard or soft you play the keys. That responsive nature makes the whole experience of playing this piano a natural one.

It only weighs 7.5lbs and you can carry the Casio CTK-3500 digital piano with you anywhere. According to us, this model is up there with the best affordable and beginner friendly digital pianos on the market. Beside the keyboard and its portability, this instrument also comes with multiple educational features that can adequately aid any beginner.

Sound capability is also another area where this keyboard delivers decently. The Casio CTK-3500 digital piano features a comprehensive music library that exceeds most people’s expectations. It comes with 50 built-in rhythms and effects, 400 voices and 150 rhythms.

You also get the free Chordana Play app that allows you to extend this keyboard’s sound capabilities. And as an addition to its portability, the Casio CTK-3500 digital piano can also be operated using batteries.

This means that you don’t necessarily require an output to operate this model, which is a great positive especially for the beginners. Note that this isn’t a model well-suited for professionals because Casio primarily designed it for the novice players. Hence, that’s why it features the lightweight nature and 61 touch-sensitive keys.

6. Yamaha P71 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 88-Key Digital Piano

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly and portable digital piano, the Yamaha P71 88-key digital piano can certainly deliver to your expectations. It’s one of Yamaha’s best selling models and the most bought on Amazon.

Sold for less than $500, the P71 features a good keyboard action alongside decent sound quality to say the least. It only weighs 25lbs/11.3 kg, which is why it’s on our 10 best lightweight digital pianos on review. But aside from its lightweight nature and affordability, there’s a reason this model is winning pianists’ hearts all the time. Let’s have a look below.


The first thing to love about this instrument other than portability and affordability is its keyboard. It features a hammer action keyboard with fully-weighted 88-keys that provide realistic sound and responsive touch-sensitivity. The P71 is the best upgrade if you are coming from a non-weighted or semi-weighted keyboard like the Alesis Recital that we looked earlier in the review.

Moreover, the action incorporated here is Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action. The GHS action utilizes the same keyboard mechanism on an acoustic piano. Therefore, you’ll feel a heavier touch on the lower register keys and a lighter touch on the high-end keys.

You also get the Duo and Dual modes, where you can use the latter to layer two different voices and come up with your creation. Sadly, the Yamaha P71 only comes with a maximum polyphony count of 64-notes. But considering it isn’t meant for professional use, that number is decent enough for the piano’s intended use.

For connectivity, the P71 comes with a Sustain jack, USB port, and a Headphone jack. According to us, those are adequate enough to serve this instrument’s target audience efficiently. Overall, the Yamaha P71 88-key digital piano is a lightweight, portable, and an affordable digital piano that’s ideal for the beginners.

7. Kawai ES100 88-Key Digital Piano

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES100 also deserves a spot in this 10 best lightweight digital pianos list. It one of the best portable instruments that comes with impressive and responsive features for enhanced playability.


With fully-weighted 88 keys that feature the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F, the ES100 delivers the needed realistic experience. The mechanism used here is the same as the one on an acoustic piano’s keyboard, which gives you a heavier touch on the lower register keys and a lighter action on the upper register keys.

Additionally, this instrument comes with a maximum polyphony count of 192-notes. This means that you can easily and efficiently play complex pieces without clipping any notes. Better yet, the sound technology incorporated on the ES100 is Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging sound sampling technology.

It mimics the sound of an acoustic piano, and the sound library features 19 preset voices alongside 100 drum rhythms that allow you to creatively express yourself.

Connectivity features on this instrument include Headphone jacks and MIDI In and Out jacks. And with a built-in Metronome, Dual and Split Modes, the Kawai ES100 88-key digital piano can certainly deliver a high level of playability.

The good news is that it only weighs about 33 pounds with all the significant features it has. This makes it light enough for easy transportation. You also get a song recorder on the ES100, a feature that’s mostly excluded in lightweight digital pianos.

In conclusion, the Kawai ES100 88-key digital piano is one of the best lightweight digital pianos to consider buying. It features a good action, important connectivity features, and a song recorder. The best part is that it houses all that in a compact and lightweight design, favoring portability in the best possible way.

8. Casio CDP-240 88-Key Digital Piano

Casio CDP-240 88-Key Digital Piano

Weighing only 11.2kg/24.9lbs, the Casio CDP-240 88-key digital piano is a versatile instrument capable of delivering high-quality performances. It doesn’t only come with important features to deliver real piano performance, but also features decent synthesizer capabilities.


Unlike other instruments we’ve looked at in this 10 best lightweight digital pianos review, the Casio CDP-240 digital piano features a different kind of keyboard action. The 88 note weighted action here can be adjusted to three different levels. As a result, you get optimal flexibility to pick an action that’s well suited to your capabilities.

The keyboard also comes with 150 built-in songs alongside 50 finger exercises, which is great news for the beginners. That’s not all, the CDP-240 also has 700 built-in voices and 200 rhythms for your amusement.

You can also use it as a MIDI controller by connecting it with your computer and working with DAWs. Note that this isn’t the best digital piano if you are totally new to the instrument. That’s because it has multiple features that can easily overwhelm you.

That was the only notable negative we found with the Casio CDP-240 88-key digital piano.  Otherwise, it’s a responsive digital piano that features a high quality sound engine and decent connectivity features. You can travel with it anywhere thanks to its lightweight nature, and the sound library gives you more than enough selections to work on your creativity.

9. Casio LK-265 61-Keys Digital Piano

Casio LK-265 61-Key Digital Piano

Like the Casio CTK-3500 digital piano, the LK-265 model also features 61touch-sensitive keys. It’s the fourth Casio digital piano in our 10 best lightweight digital pianos review. That’s because Casio is well-known for producing high-quality, affordable, and portable digital pianos.

Such characteristics make Casio stand out among its competitors, and continue to attract different level of pianists.

Features of the Casio LK-265

This instrument features 61 full-size, touch-sensitive keys that respond quite naturally to your playing dynamics. The piano also features intuitive Step-Up lessons that lights up the keys as you play, and make it easier to learn the 60 built-in songs.

Moreover, you also get a comprehensive sound library with 400 built-in tones alongside 150 rhythms. The Casio LK-265 digital piano also comes with battery power capability, a feature that also highly contributes to its portability.

Additionally, the LK-265 is also compatible with the Chordana App. That means you can connect the LK-265 with the app and use it to extend this keyboard’s sound capabilities and overall playability. Lastly, you also get the Dance Music Mode with this model that allows you to mix different styles of music and effects.

Generally, the Casio LK-265 61-key digital piano is one of the best lightweight instruments, mostly for beginners. It features a decent keyboard alongside a vast sound library that offers an enabling atmosphere for creativity. Moreover, the LK-265 also has great learning features that can adequately aid a beginner on his/her way up to the top.

Note that it doesn’t come with a built-in recording function or weighted, but its portable nature allows the LK-265 to be pardoned.

10. Roland FP-10 88-Key Digital Piano

Roland FP-10 88-Key Digital Piano

Last but certainly not least on our list of 10 best lightweight digital pianos to consider buying is the Roland FP10. It’s a lightweight digital piano that only weighs 12.2kg/27lbs, making it a highly portable instrument.


This keyboard features 88 keys that come with 5 touch-sensitivity levels to accommodate any playing dynamic. They keys are weighted, meaning you’ll feel a heavier touch on the lower-end register and a lighter touch on the higher-end register of the keyboard.

Its dimensions combine to form a compact design, which adds to the piano’s portable nature. The Roland FP-10 digital piano features the SuperNatural Sound Technology that delivers rich and expressive grand piano samples. It also features the Bluetooth connectivity among other connection capabilities. Another feature to love about the FP-10 is its compatibility with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 App.

The Piano Partner 2 App offers the best enhancements in playability and you can use it for practicing purposes, or for recording your samples.

Overall, the Roland FP-10 88-key digital piano is an impressive lightweight keyboard that delivers amazing response and realistic sound.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Our 10 best lightweight digital pianos review. The compilation above features something for every level of pianist and the instruments can adequately deliver to their potentials.

The pianos briefly discussed above are lightweight enough and still retain essential features for playability. Therefore, it would be best to consider them if you are looking for the best lightweight digital pianos to consider buying.