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Top 5 Best 61-Keys Digital Pianos: Reviews

The 61-keys digital pianos are some of the best and most portable ones on the market. They are perfect for gigs, small events, and the right choice for your practicing sessions.  If you are looking for a quality digital piano – a robust yet still simple piano to practice and […]

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5 Top Exercises for Beginner Pianists

There are plenty of top exercises for beginner pianists targeting different areas of the learning process. These include practices meant to improve your hand independence, skill, speed, as well as control. Therefore, it is sometimes quite difficult trying to decide which of the options is best suitable. Luckily, we have […]

Product Reviews

The Best Digital Piano Under $1000

Looking for info on the best digital piano under $1000? We’ve got you covered! Choosing a new digital piano can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We also understand that for many musicians, a keyboard for piano is a must-have instrument. Which is why we thought it was best to […]

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The Best Digital Piano Under $500

Music is for everyone, and the instruments used to facilitate it should be reasonably accessible as well. When it comes to purchasing a digital piano, most people tend to brace themselves for an expensive encounter. But, we are here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. […]

Product Reviews

Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha has over the years been responsible for some of the best digital pianos available on the market. The CP-line hosts a selection of electric stage pianos that can also be used for practice sessions. Piano Yamaha CP33 has an interface that is quite intuitive and the keyboard is also […]